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What Do Employer Plan-Focused Advisors Believe?

  • Insight Financial Partners, LLC collaborates with our clients in an independent and objective manner, dedicated to the employer sponsored retirement plan market space and working Americans who deserve to retire with dignity
  • Insight Financial Partners, LLC believes in the imperative to mitigate our client’s fiduciary risk, inherent in the sponsorship of qualified plan offerings, and every action we take is in the exclusive interest of our plan participants and their beneficiaries

  • Insight Financial Partners, LLC believes that we have a socioeconomic responsibility to help our client organizations offer a financial benefit to their employees that continues to loom ever more important to their financial wellness, due in large part to the heightening risk that exists within the future of entitlement programs such as social security
  • Insight Financial Partners, LLC envisions our client’s investment in their employee’s financial wellness becoming the crown jewel in their total rewards strategy, a true differentiator in their pursuit to become and remain an employer of choice when attracting and retaining top talent