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What Differentiates Us From The Rest

The Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule has evolved.  Consistent with that evolution, the employer sponsored retirement plan market and the financial services industry are both subjected to unprecedented levels of liability, exposure to class action litigation, uncompromising Fiduciary standards, extensive regulatory oversight and transparent disclosure mandates, fee pressure and intense competition.

  • What has always differentiated us is our exclusive focus and unwavering commitment to the employer sponsored retirement plan market.  Total Reward Strategies that include Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Plans, Nonqualified plans, ESOPs and HSAs.
  • We recognize that our employer partners and the senior leadership that sponsors these retirement plan strategies and solutions are not dedicated to the retirement plan business, and our prudent expertise is designed specifically to mitigate the relentless fiduciary responsibility and liability that coincides with that sponsorship.
  • While this market continues to be served by generalists across the financial services industry, many of these advisor relationships are not taking on Fiduciary responsibility and liability through a service level agreement.  With Fiduciary relationships under increasing regulatory scrutiny, it should be emphasized that this can lead to increased plan sponsor liability.
  • A plan sponsor does not have to be an expert to meet their Fiduciary responsibilities and obligations, they simply need to hire advisors that are, such as Insight Financial Partners, LLC. for investment fiduciary services.