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Plan Management Roadmap

A path to positive outcomes

Through our consulting process and Plan Management Roadmap, we work with you on an ongoing basis to create a customized path for pursuing the results you expect: helping you establish sound fiduciary governance, enhance plan health and prepare participants for retirement.

Fiduciary governance

Plan health

Participant retirement readiness

Step 1: Review and analyze

  • Review current fiduciary governance processes
  • Determine current investment selection and review process
  • Review current IPS
  • Inventory plan fees and expenses
  • Assess satisfaction with current plan provider services
  • Review history of plan issues and concerns
  • Evaluate plan demographics to understand participant needs
  • Determine participant utilization
  • Review plan features
  • Review participant communications strategy
  • Review plan provider education services
  • Analyze plan demographics and participant educational needs

Step 2: Implement and act

  • Educate plan fiduciaries and organize key plan documents with Fiduciary Kit
  • Deliver regular insights on fiduciary issues
  • Deliver investment advice as an ERISA fiduciary
  • Analyze plan fees and expenses, and negotiate fees as appropriate
  • Manage search for new retirement plan provider (if applicable)
  • Educate on best practices in plan feature trends
  • Introduce asset allocation strategies and QDIA (if applicable)
  • Manage day-to-day relationship and plan enhancements with plan provider(s)
  • Develop customized participant education strategy and coordinate with plan provider(s)
  • Deliver in-person education through periodic meetings and seminars
  • Provide participant educational materials (presentations, worksheets, etc.)
  • Serve as an ongoing resource to provide financial education
  • Available as a knowledgeable resource for general financial planning inquiries

Step 3: Assess and improve

  • Review checklist for Fiduciary Kit
  • Review IPS and investment selection and review process, recommend changes
  • Review fee and expense information from service provider disclosures
  • Review plan provider services and relationship
  • Assess improvement in key indicators of plan health, including participation rates, deferral rates and diversification
  • Identify additional plan feature enhancements
  • Evaluate participant utilization of the plan
  • Evaluate impact of new participant engagement strategies during the previous year