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Our Collaborative Framework

We work with you to establish the framework for your committee's responsibilities which include:

  1. The formation, review and approval of the fundamental operations, financial and committee charter (Identifying who is appointed as trustee(s) for the plan).
  2. Construct the annual service calendar which will include, but will not be limited to, quarterly investment committee meetings and participant education and communication plans.
  3. Development and monitoring of the Investment Policy Statement and Education Policy Statement.
  4. Fiduciary education related to the prudent practices associated with the Global Fiduciary Standards of Care.
  5. The investment due diligence utilized to evaluate the investment manager's performance, which includes selection, removal, and on-going monitoring.
  6. Review procedures for providing financial and operational information to the board and/or Senior Management
  7. Document the investment process and decisions made for fiduciary files.