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Our Services

  • Investment Policy Statement development and maintenance assistance
  • Education Policy Statement development and maintenance support
  • Ongoing Investment Recommendations, Selection, and Monitoring
  • Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA) Recommendations, Selection, and Monitoring
  • Non-Discretionary Model Portfolio Development and Monitoring
  • Preparation of Investment Performance Reporting, on-going Due Diligence in accordance with the Investment Policy Statement
  • Quarterly, Semi-Annual and Annual Plan Reviews
  • Plan Health-Measure and Re-Measure results
  • Fiduciary education and support with our plan reviews include Committee Member Fiduciary Guides, meeting minutes, regulatory updates and pending legislation, micro and macroeconomic research and viewpoints, Board Resolutions, Plan Charters, 404(c)checklist

  • Fiduciary File storage and maintenance-Preparation for DOL, independent audits and document retention assistance
  • 3(21) and 3(38) Fiduciary Services
  • Service Provider search, analysis and comparison, selection, and on-going Service Provider liaison
  • Education services to plan committee on plan features, retirement readiness matters, and duties and responsibilities of the committee, with a notable focus on education with respect to fiduciary responsibilities
  • Participant enrollment assistance and on-going Participant education, with a focus on providing a comprehensive financial wellness program
  • Benchmarking services, with comparisons of plan data that include fees, services, participant enrollment and contributions, and a time tested plan provisions to attract and retain top talent
  • Identification and on-going monitoring of plan fees for investment management, recordkeeping and administration, participant education, participant communication and other services provided with respect to the plan
  • Plan administration calendar, on-going oversight and guidance on plan sponsor administrative obligations, as needed daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually (Arguably one of the more treasured and most frequently leveraged components of our service delivery model, according to our plan sponsor clients)